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Mike Sharble for Duarte City Council District 7

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My name is Mike Sharble. My occupation is Service Director for Sierra Autocars.

Having lived 39 years in Duarte with my wife of 43 years Silva Sobachian Sharble, I am honored to be given an opportunity to represent our community in the newly founded District 7. I look at this as the perfect opportunity to represent the city I love and have been a part of for so many years.

As a local business person I currently oversee the everyday operations of the Service department for Honda, working closely with my staff and all of our customers. I am proud to be a part of the Sierra family and a recipient of the President’s award for outstanding customer service. 

By taking the time to listen, I have heard from many residents about current changes that have adversely affected them and are in need of improvement. For example, while most of us appreciate the Metro Line, many residents have expressed their concerns with long vehicle wait times at Metro crossings where first responders/emergency vehicles have to wait long periods of time to get through.

Every second counts during an emergency. I want to find different ways that first responders can communicate with Metro Line conductors to shorten wait times during emergencies. 

I am also very interested in discussing different ways to enhance our community.
My priorities are:
– Public safety. 
– Education. 
– Sidewalk/pedestrian traffic.
– Neighborhood improvements.
– Support real solutions for the homeless.
– Increase new development. 
– Make business friendly decisions.
– Increasing community desirability.
Our residence [sic], schools and businesses are the heart and soul of our city. I welcome your thoughts and concerns.
It’s time for change together we can.
I can be reached via email at

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