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Margaret Finlay for Duarte City Council

– Courtesy photo

Experienced city leadership matters because:

  • California has dissolved city redevelopment agencies, creating disincentives for building housing.
  • Prisoners are being released earlier, due to state-mandated regulations.
  • California is operating with less federal money.

Despite these hardships facing cities, my experience and commitment to you, along with my Master’s Degree in Public Administration and working with city staff, have accomplished:

  • Crime reduction of 6.7 percent since 2016.
  • Gold Line rail extension to Azusa.
  • Increased community services, through millions of dollars in grants and expanding sales tax revenues, include Senior Center improvements, city swimming pool expansion, new street signage, clean electric city buses, and upgraded parks.
  • Increased employment from City of Hope 20-year Expansion Plan and bio-tech investments.
  • Collaboration with the California School of the Arts, increasing enrollment in Duarte schools.
  • Fiscally responsible budget, with four-month reserves.

With your valued input, over the next four years, we can:

  • Extend Gold Line to Claremont, removing thousands of cars from our roads.
  • Enhance “smart city” capabilities (citywide Wi-Fi, sensor technology).
  • Continue our downward crime trend through pro-active policing (license plate readers for stolen cars).
  • Create more homes to mitigate the housing crisis.

Your vote for Margaret Finlay will keep Duarte moving forward. Thanks for your trust.

Margaret Finlay – qualified, dedicated, proven leadership.

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