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Jody Schulz for Duarte School Board

– Courtesy photo

Through our schools, we build our future. As a member of the Duarte Unified School District Board of Education, I am committed to making sure our schools have the tools they need to succeed in preparing students for college or a career. I will work with parents and teachers, offering the support they need to support their students. I will also support fiscally sound decisions that increase our financial reserves.

As a board member, I support building the community one student at a time. Students should excel academically and socially, as teammates and citizens, through collaboration, camaraderie, compassion, understanding, and kindness. School is much more than a place where math and science is taught. It is where children grow into adults; find themselves; become friends; learn of achievement, gratitude, fear, loss, and winning. It is where their values are discovered and nurtured. Teachers are the conduit for supporting our children through this journey; parents, the district, and the community are the collaborators and role models who support the teachers.

Duarte Unified School District can only achieve excellence by building a community of learners, teammates, open-minded innovators, and positive stewards of diplomacy. Our vision must be to build bridges that connect our innovative visions into a unified goal, and that goal must be to build community, one student at a time. Kids … teachers … Competitive Advantage Plan (CAP) … district … Duarte … We are in this together, as a community, as leaders, as family, as friends.

My name is Jody Schulz. I am an educator, performance improvement leader, Lean Six Sigma black belt, project manager and healthcare administrator, and the proud parent of a first grader. I am dedicated to supporting students based on need, and to our teachers who ensure those needs are met daily, weekly, yearly, into adulthood and beyond. I support the CAP and strategic partnerships that increase opportunities for students, offer better compensation and benefits to our teachers, and increase our financial reserves. Foremost, I will support policies that promote a zero tolerance regulation for bullying. Bullying against students, teachers, parents, or staff cannot be allowed if we are to be a district where students can thrive. Finally, and above all, I will ensure the students are always first. They are our future.

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